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Our Services:
• Eye exams
• Diagnosis and treatment of eye diseases
• Contact lenses
• Eye glasses
• Orthokeratology (Myopia reduction)

EYE EXAMS: State-of-the-art equipment enables Dr. Vinciguerra to accurately prescribe eyeglasses and custom fit contact lenses for his patients:

  • An Auto Refractor uses infrared light to determine a patients eye glass and contact lens prescription.
  • An Automated Perimeter uses fiber optics to project light on a patients retina (the back of the eye) and determines the patients peripheral (side) vision.
  • A Retinal Camera takes a Polaroid picture of the back of the eye, without using drops to dilate the pupil.
  • An Air Puff Tonometer uses a combination of air and infrared light to determine the fluid pressure inside the eye.
  • A Slit Lamp Microscope provides a magnified view of the front of the eye along with the ability to photograph any abnormalities.
  • A Corneal Topographer which maps the shape of the cornea to allow the precise fitting of contact lenses.

    All of these instruments enable Dr. Vinciguerra to provide high quality professional eye care for all his patients. They also aid in the diagnosis of eye diseases.

We diagnose and provide treatments for some of the following eye diseases: Glaucoma Cataracts Conjunctivitis Corneal abrasions
Dry eyes Eye infections

Dr. Vinciguerra's extensive experience with contact fitting enables most patients to enjoy wearing contacts on a daily basis. Most of our patients receive their contacts on the same day that they are examined. Not sure if contacts are for you. We will provide you with a complimentary pair of contacts when you are examined for contacts.

Enables patients that have myopia (nearsightedness) to reduce or stabilize their prescription. This is a non surgical procedure that uses gas permeable contacts to flatten the cornea. Call or stop by for a free informative brochure.


Please see our promotions/coupon page to save on all eyeglasses.